There really are an unlimited number of Legitimate work from home jobs available to work from home.

The question is what is it you are attempting to accomplish from working from home.

I remember when I was working the daily grind in construction; out the door by 5:30-6:00am and on the road.

I used to go past this rather large day care and would see parents all dressed for their jobs, dropping their kids off.

On my way back home in the evening; usually around 6:00-7:00pm and I would see the same kids get collected by those same parents.

Whoooze raising those childeren?

I would do the math on cost of daycare vs average white collar job income, It never seemed to equal out.

The trade off seemed to be against the family, if you no what I mean.

Lets say by the time daycare is paid, your kids spend 6-10 hours a day with someone other than their parents and you have an extra $500.00 per month.

Does that really make sense?

Thats why more and more Moms and Dads are working from home!

For someone that is actually willing to WORK from home!

There really are legitimate work from home jobs

It does require a complete change in how one thinks and approaches this new concept of working in your place not somewhere else.

The perks:

  • your home office just became a tax write off
  • You can wear what you want, (it does help your attitude if you get out of your jammies)
  • Your gas (car) bill goes way down
  • Generally your actual work time can reduce significantly
  • If you really work, you will have way more money than you had when you worked at the job.

So what would you do from home and how would you find out what you could or should do.

Good question.

Usually you make a list of interests, things that you like or feel passionate about.

Generally people get on their computer and start searching, don’t they?

That’s what I did, heck I’ve been a carpenter/builder for most of my life and the first thing I did was search Google, I knew I would find something there.

I did!

Now what? I mean you have this idea, where do you go now?

  • Who do you trust?
  • How do you find them?
  • Are they Legitimate?

Once again, Great questions!

This takes some searching around the internet, listening to countless opportunities, pitches, plans, etc.

I tell you I feel like I have seen them all and my wife, well, lets just say she was really, really patient, through this entire process.

Here is the reality!

Making the decision to take work to the homefront is contrary to all we are taught growing up.

Do you remember any teacher in school directing you to graduate and work from home?

Go to college, (pay for it), get a degree (only to find no work in your field) I mean did you really want to work at the hamburger place?

No! You had high expectations for your future didn’t you?

I know I did.

The world wide web is vast; actually hard to realize just how big.

That is good for you and me.


Because whatever we decide to do in internet marketing, there are plenty of people to market and sell to.

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How do you reach your portion of the pie, for your work from home job?

First lets call it what it is; it’s your home business.

It’s ok if it does’nt feel that way just now it will.

My business did’nt take flight until I found a system, a way to get people to my opportunity.

  • No people
  • No prospects
  • Nobody shopping in your store
  • Nothing being sold
  • No money being made

You get my point? You have to have a proven system to attract customers.

Well I found a couple of them and they both work.

  • Both companies have integrity,
  • The owners tell you the truth,
  • Both have systems that allow you to train, at your own pace
  • You can take your business idea and support it in these systems.

The best perk about working from home:

  • What you make is directly coralated to how you work from home.
  • You can build a future (retirement) and you have control of it.
  • Your free to participate in life (your not stuck on the job)



You see there really are an unlimited number of Legitimate work from home jobs

Should you be ready to change your results in what your doing or getting started for the first time.

Lets connect and get you started in one of these systems.

Be blessed,

Kurt Hanzal
Network Marketer
My Empower Blog


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